Reusing t-shirts with T-Save

REUSING T-SHIRTS WITH T-SAVE When we think of sustainable practices, the first that comes to mind is almost certainly recycling. That, however, is not our only course of action: reuse is an equally valid option – if not a more effective one.   Reuse further reduces our environmental impact in two ways. Unlike recycling, there… Continue reading Reusing t-shirts with T-Save

Sustainability & Diversity with SS22 Icons

SUSTAINABILITY & DIVERSITY WITH SS 22 ICONS Achieving sustainability isn’t just about a matter of environmental impacts. After all, would it really be progress without equality, diversity and inclusiveness? This is the guiding principle of Fantabody and their upcoming SS 22 collection, Icons.   Winner of the 2019 Milano Fashion Film Festival as the best… Continue reading Sustainability & Diversity with SS22 Icons

Recycling wool with 50 Kg Quilted Cloack

RECYCLING WOOL WITH 50 Kg QUILTED CLOACK Recycling is, without a doubt, the most intuitive approach to sustainability, but that is not to say we are dealing with a fool-proof remedy. While easy to grasp in principle, this practice is rarely understood in specific detail. Its intricacies are all too often overlooked and hand-waved, taking… Continue reading Recycling wool with 50 Kg Quilted Cloack


SUSTAINABILITY LABELS: PROS & CONS The growing demand for sustainability in the apparel industry coming from consumers is bringing about the necessity for companies and institutions to stick to specific guidelines and to come up with tools and methods to address the topic from various perspectives while providing transparent and trustworthy information to the community. … Continue reading SUSTAINABILITY LABELS: PROS & CONS


SUSTAINABILITY 101 In our world, the talk about sustainability is getting louder and louder. But what does “sustainability” mean?   Consumers are constantly bombarded by companies with promotional messages using words such as eco, environmentally friendly, or green that are vague and ambiguous. These claims lack of specific meaning and often result in confusion or… Continue reading SUSTAINABILITY 101