Engineer3d is a fashion-tech startup striving to change the way in which the industry operates, accelerating its transition towards 360° sustainability through both traditional, tried-and-true means and bold, disruptive solutions.

Based in Milan, Italy’s fashion capital and globally minded economic hub, Engineer3d coalesces the city’s greatest strengths with a newfound perspective, which all of its young members are painfully aware of: we can’t afford to lose any more time. As we speak, our planet is being stripped to the bone by society’s self-indulgence and hubris, with unimaginable consequences for future generations. The fashion industry in particular epitomizes decades of irresponsible production and consumption.



But it doesn’t have to be this way – and we are not going to give up just yet.

Simply put, our philosophy is to be the change we want to see in the world. These are not empty, cliched words to us – realistic, actionable change is what we’re after. This mentality is what has led to Engineer3d’s creation: concrete pragmatism for the sake of making a world of difference for the planet.



Above all else, Engineer3d abhors greenwashing and values transparency.

Our proprietary EIA framework was designed as an exhaustive analytical tool based on tried-and-true principles & sound practices widely recognized at a European level.


Our clients’ company data is treated with utmost confidentiality: it is solely processed through the above-mentioned framework without any tampering, ensuring absolute impartiality of analysis results.

As we act in good faith & with due diligence, we expect our customers to do the same – that is, to deliver truthful, genuine company data for us to work with. In the future, we plan to implement an audit process to formally assess the veracity of all informations provided. Until then, a 3rd party audit is strongly encouraged.

Finally, for the same reasons we’ve discussed so far, Engineer3d works only with reputable, trusted partners to guarantee its services.

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