Achieving sustainability isn’t just about a matter of environmental impacts. After all, would it really be progress without equality, diversity and inclusiveness? This is the guiding principle of Fantabody and their upcoming SS 22 collection, Icons.


Winner of the 2019 Milano Fashion Film Festival as the best new Italian brand, FANTABODY celebrates femininity in all its forms through sportswear-inspired garments. Chief among them are bodysuits (the brand’s namesake), which allow women of all sizes, ethnicities and ages to freely express themselves. FANTABODY is a manifesto of body positivity (quite literally) and empowerment, with a sustainable twist: all their products are handmade in small tailoring labs in Milan, most of the time using recycled textiles.


On that note, Icons is poised to be their most ambitious collection yet. Not to be outdone by anyone, FANTABODY set out to illustrate the environmental impacts of each product, and just how much was saved compared to products made from non-recycled materials.


It was the perfect job for ENGINEER3D. Overall, our LCA study shows a significant reduction of the following impacts:


  • CO2 emissions (- 67% compared to conventional products)
  • Water consumption (- 46%)
  • Fossil fuel consumption (- 69%)
  • Chemical release (- 56%)


All in all, Icons takes Fantabody’s commitment to its logical conclusion: making the world a better, more accepting place – not just for today’s women, but for those of the future too. More than that, it proves the key role of emerging brands in the development of sustainable practices (something that cannot be said of many established companies).